The Immunology Track is designed to prepare students for independent careers in research and teaching in immunology or related disciplines. The educational program emphasizes interdisciplinary training and collaborative and interactive research, an approach based on the idea that solving difficult problems requires the integration of individuals with common goals but differing expertise. Graduate students are diverse in their interests and ethnic backgrounds, and more than 50 percent are women.

“The Immunology track has offered me the opportunity to train with the faculty of Yale’s extraordinary Imunnobiology Department. With weekly research in progress meetings, journal clubs, seminars and group-taught courses, the close-knit and collaborative nature of the department shines through constantly. I find myself in awe of the time and effort that the faculty place on teaching amidst all of their top-notch labs and research programs. In my fellow track-mates I have found a diverse group of genuine and supportive peers, all brought together by a common and deeply rooted interest in better understanding the fundamental processes of our immune systems. I truly can’t imagine an environment that is more stimulating, empowering, or better suited for training in immunology than here at Yale.” 
Ross Federman 
Immunology Track

Photo Courtesy of Hyungmee Lim